Our accessories are statement pieces and conversation starters, so we do not compromise on the quality of our craftsmanship. Our fabrics are made from 100% spunlocally spun cotton that is handwoven first as strips and then stitched together to make the cloth. Various patterns are then woven into the cloth to create the rich look that makes each piece we create, a unique piece of art. Our pieces celebrate the richness of the diverse African culture and we hope to carry this across generations and nationalities through our designs.

Our lampshade and pillow covers are made from different high-quality fabrics that are locally sourced from different parts of Africa and include; – 100% cotton fabrics that are hand-dyed, using traditional resist-dyeing techniques to create different patterns. – Handwoven aso oke’ cloth – Akwete cloth – Mud cloths

Our lampshades are hand made with great care and can be used as pendant lights or used on lamp bases.
They are made to order in different sizes. Shipping is available worldwide and usually within 1-2weeks depending on location.

Our pillow covers are fitted with an invisible zipper closure, which adds to the overall beauty.
Pillows and lampshades can be ordered in matching fabrics.

Please note that inserts are not included, except when requested for.

It is our intention to share with you the luxurious African aesthetics to inspire and enrich your life and projects.