Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

DGCI Design is a bespoke home decor accessories

manufacturing and full-service Interior design Company that is passionate about delivering style and functionality with a blend of African influence. The DGCI brand epitomises the richness of the African culture, and the comfort and subtle sophistication of contemporary design style.

It is our belief that design has the capacity to improve lives, and so should inspire the inhabitants of the designed space. It must also be easy to use and maintain.

Our design approach puts you first so that your space is not only elegant but balances functionality with a beauty that you can connect to, giving you the freedom to be your best self.

Our projects range from residential, to small scale commercial and retail spaces, where we blend the richness of African cultural aesthetics with contemporary design to create a unique space with a rare balance of soft elegance, African culture and artistry.

With our perfect mix of creativity and holistic design solutions that include effective use of space, light, nature accents, unique and smart material selections; we bring our clients’ vision to life in a way that enables and empowers them to live, work and play better.

For our clients, our designs culminate in exhilaration and a sense of belonging while reflecting their unique personalities, as no two designs are ever the same.

We work hand in hand with our clients to understand their individual styles and personality needs. This is with the sole aim of guiding them through articulating their vision in a cohesive manner, and developing a design that combines these outcomes with our unique aesthetics and impeccable functionality, to birth spaces that add value, increase productivity and wellbeing.

At DGCI, we also believe that it’s our duty to acquaint our clients with new ideas and concepts that open up endless possibilities which when employed, differentiates each project from the next.

Our products and interiors both tell a rich story of the beautiful fusion of luxurious African aesthetics with contemporary design style to create a subtly elegant space that is always welcoming and absolutely delightful.

Our Process

Best Solutions for your Dream Home

DGCI Design is fully committed to the success of all the projects that it undertakes, and thus operates a straightforward design process that allows almost effortless management of your design while maintaining effective communication on matters regarding style, budget, timelines and most importantly, quality.

With us, every project is different and therefore unique in it's approach. This is reflected in our 5 step process.

Initial Consultation

Each project begins with a conversation where we ask questions to identify your needs, inquire about your vision for your space, define goals and establish a scope, which provides direction for your project. Budget, associated design investment and timelines are also discussed here.

Design Development

This is where the vision is conceived and starts to come together. A detailed, overall design concept that shows the project direction is prepared, presented and refined as needed based on clients feedback. Timelines and budgets also get refined.

Execution and Installation

After the client's approval of the final design and specifications for finishes, fixtures and furnishings, purchasing and procurement is initiated. Site walk-throughs are also carried out while coordinating the project and all logistics relating to deliveries and installation of key elements like furniture, lighting and accessories for the project.

Final Delivery

As the project comes to an end, a final walkthrough is scheduled where we do the big reveal, and your space is presented to you, all dressed up and ready to be loved by you!

Post Project Review

Here's where we make sure that you are happy with the final outcome. This is also to evaluate and improve our project delivery process, which we are constantly working on to serve you better.
If you would like to know more about our process, please send us a message: [email protected]